Advent & Christmas Season Calendar (Family 5-Pack)

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Updated for the 2021-2022 seasons of Advent & Christmas!

Ships beginning of November 2021--in time for Advent

Moms told us it went up
on the fridge during all of Advent and Christmas seasons, keeping the whole family aware of appointments, "to-do" items, Mass times for Holy Days and feast days, testing and last days of school--and more.

You know how busy it gets in December and January!

It's perfect for keeping your family (or classroom!) on track this year.
Plus: it's sturdy & coated so it will hold up until Christmas, then flip it and it's on to Epiphany and the Baptism of the Lord!

ADVENT: Count down the days until Christmas, see upcoming Feast Days and Holy Days of Obligation, and know when to light your Advent candles!
Put the stickers on day-by-day --it's a CATHOLIC (candy-free!) Advent calendar!

CHRISTMAS: Did you know the Christmas season lasts 17 days this year?
With this calendar, you'll be able to prepare for all the Feast Days during this most joyful of Seasons! And yes--there are stickers for every day of the Christmas season, too!

Moms asked us to improve it this year (which we did):

* Bigger squares to write all the busy stuff you need to remember to do and where to go each day (we put Advent on one side and Christmas on the other=really BIG squares)
* STICKERS!! OK: kids asked for this-->so we used 48 fun stickers to make it a (candy-free) truly Catholic Advent calendar because...
* More Feast Days: the day-by-day stickers refer to the feasts, saints, and Gospel Readings in Mass which the Church gives us to celebrate and contemplate

You can learn about how the USE the stickers with your calendar

Ships beginning of November 2021--in time for Advent

Measures a big 16 x 10.5 inches.
Double-sided (Advent on one side; Christmas on the other)