Lenten "Road to Easter" (Family 5-Pack)

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How can you keep your children (and yourself!) motivated to hang in there all the way to the end of Lent.. with those penances, that fasting, those prayer resolutions?

STICKERS -- revealing a secret question!
(Great for all ages: the littlest ones like stickers, the bigger ones like to decipher the message!)

Everything you need with this year's Holy Heroes Lenten "Road to Easter" map!

It's as easy to use as 1-2-3:
  1. Get the sticker "clues" -- each map includes a sticker sheet of letters. Each day, your children will apply one sticker to the Roadmap.
  2. As you progress through Lent, you'll see a secret message emerge as you fill in a letter or symbol each day.
  3. Kids will try to guess what the "final code-breaker" answer is...but you never really know until Holy Saturday!
"Family 5-pack" includes 5 "roadmaps" so everyone in the family can have a personal copy!

Roadmap measures 16 x 10.5 inches

The "Roadmap to Easter" will help you make this Lent fruitful for every member of your family. But it is just one of the activities we have available for your family during Lent. Sign up at LentenAdventure.com to unlock free daily downloads, videos and lots more!