About Us

In 2007, Ken and Kerri Davison launched Holy Heroes with eight products. With the help of their eight children (coined the “Adventure Guides”), they created Advent Adventure and were joined by thousands of Catholic families in December 2007.

Since that first Advent, the Davison family has created seven online programs that over 50,000 Catholic families participate in every year! Some of these families have been here since the very first program and regularly send emails expressing their enjoyment of watching the eight Davison kids grow up. 

In addition to the free online programs, Holy Heroes has also grown the original Glory Stories Collection. This collection of audio stories of the saints (and the companion coloring pages) has been a mainstay of Holy Heroes fans. 

Holy Heroes also produces books, games, and liturgical living resources to help bring the joy of the faith to Catholic families (find product submission details at the bottom of the page).

Holy Heroes is committed to producing all products in the U.S.A. and offers free shipping to all military families (both active and retired). Holy Heroes also offers a special discount to Catholic parishes and schools who are interested in using our products in addition to the free Sunday Mass Prep resources

Today, Ken is the President of Holy Heroes while Kerri continues to work both in the company as an author and homeschooling the last two “Adventure Guides” (having successfully graduated the older five “Adventure Guides” from high school). Since graduating from college, “Adventure Guide” Clara has returned to Holy Heroes as the full-time Brand Manager. 




The oldest of the Adventure Guides, Virginia is now a mother of two and still helps out as the voice of Our Lady in several of the Glory Stories! In years past, she wrote the first "Inside the Sacraments" video and managed all the shooting days (and re-shooting) days. Her first Glory Stories script was Glory Stories volume 8, "Best-loved Catholic Prayers and Prayers of the Mass," which she also directed.


The first Adventure Guide to return to Holy Heroes full time as the manager of online programming (think: Advent Adventure, Lenten Adventure, etc.). Her first solo project was creating the Marian Consecration Family Adventure shortly after graduating from college. Clara's voice is heard in several Glory Stories (she was only 7 years old in this one!) and most of our online promotional videos!


One of the most beloved Adventure Guides--have you discovered her hidden identity? Her roles ove the years have included answering phones, editting videos, and managing customer service! 


As the only boy in the family, Trey has become indispensable muscle in the office. Prior to 2020, he was also the most frequent Adventure Guide at conferences, with lots of advice to help customers identify the best products for their children. He is now serving in the U.S. Air Force--pray for him!


One of the most versitile of the Adventure Guides, Anna has been featured on Glory Stories Volume 13 as well as countless other roles over the years! She has worked in various roles in the office and headed up many projects (Mass Prep would not have happened without her work). She is now serving in the U.S. Air Force--pray for her!


The most-commented upon "Adventure Guide" in the Inside the Sacraments DVDs, Therese has also appeared on Glory Stories Volume 12. During her time in the office, she also created the Jesse Tree "History of Salvation" Activity BookShe is now serving in the U.S. Air Force--pray for her!


Following her siblings footsteps during her debut in Glory Stories Volume 13, Lillian is one of the most prolific Adventure Guides with hundreds of videos to her name! You will regularly see her in our weekly Mass Prep videos alongside Caroline! When she is not shooting videos, she is around the office helping with filing and packing orders. 


Bringing up the rear of the Adventure Guides, Caroline has been the baby of the family for many years until the recent arrival of...nieces! She continues to hold down the fort at the office as older siblings grow up--you will see her frequently in videos, on our blog, and more! 




Ken Davison
Created Glory Stories, which became a weekly radio series heard globally on the Ave Maria Satellite Radio Network and EWTN's radio network, WEWN.  In 2007, he and his wife, Kerri, founded Holy Heroes--and their children stepped in to help shortly thereafter to create the online "Adventures" for Advent, Lent, and Spiritual Adoption.


Kerri Davison
Co-founder of Holy Heroes and the creator of the "Adventures" they offer free online. She has graduate degrees in history and law.  She now homeschools the five children still at home (having successfully sent the three oldest children off to college).



Eric Genuis
Composes and produces the beautiful music behind the Holy Heroes Iniside the Sacraments DVD and our Glory Stories volume 8: Best-loved Catholic Prayers Prayers of the Mass CD. He also has composed the music for all the Glory Stories beginning with volume X and every one since! A composer, virtuoso pianist and captivating performer, since 1997 he has been performing his works throughout the world in countries including the United States, Australia, Austria, Canada, France, Germany, and Poland. We sell his CDs here on our website (the kids lover them). To see his concert schedule, go to www.ericgenuis.com.


Chris Osterhus
Keeps the website functioning smoothly and up-to-date. This includes figuring out how to do all these special deals, fit all the graphics in, and generally turn some of our really neat ideas into practicalities... usually overnight. Really. In a word: Indispensable.


Chris Pelicano
Lead art director, designer, and illustrator for Holy Heroes branded products and services (aka "the other Chris"). This Chris contributes continuously to the creation, development, and production of our new printed products; books, calendars, pamphlets, activity pages, posters, journals, packaging, games, and more. He believes wholeheartedly in the mission of Holy Heroes and works hard to help you bring the joy of the Faith to your family!


Tiffany Ferreira
Tiffany is the Video Production Manager at Holy Heroes. She produces and edits the weekly MassPrep videos, does everything from scripting to publishing of all sorts of Saint "Did you know?" videos, promotional videos, the videos for our newest Adventures such as the Marian Consecration Family Adventure, and more all the time.


Kristine Monda
Kristine manages Customer Service and Order Fulfillment. Her experience with our products and delivery options means she is always ready with a smile and a solution. Kristine also helps with new product review and development.

Bonnie Trompeter

Running things behind the scenes, Bonnie is our Communications and Project manager. She keeps track of our new products, runs reports, manages parishes and schools, and helps out with publicity.