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Very Young Catholics in Fiji

Very Young Catholics in Fiji

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Fiji’s stunning beauty is the backdrop for this tale of three children from a lively Fijian family.

The book opens with a picnic at the natural water slide on the river, and closes with a lovo, the traditional Fijian barbecue. Scenes from ordinary life include school, church, and sports, all set in the context of a warm and beautiful family.

Our young Catholics in Fiji live precisely halfway around the earth from the young West African Catholics in our Togo book. The two books make a nice contrast of the true nature of the universal church!

Bonus content includes:

  • the International Date Line, 
  • what Oceania means, 
  • common greatings in Fiji, 
  • and more!

Book 5 in the Very Young Catholic Series 


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Author Emily Koczela is a lifelong Catholic, mother of six, and grandmother of fourteen (so far). Her travels have taken her to Mass in more than a dozen countries. She wrote this series to delight and inspire children by introducing them to their brothers and sisters around the world. 

81 pages with full-color photographs throughout


Media Coverage Deeper than the Eye Can See 

Listen to Emily share her goal for this project on the Homeschooling Saints Podcast.

Homeschool Connections--The Faith of Catholic Kids Around the World

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