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The Sorrowful Mysteries: Holy Heroes MP3 [Download]

The Sorrowful Mysteries: Holy Heroes MP3 [Download]

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What a precious opportunity and awesome responsibility to teach our children how to pray! However, while I saw my children saying the words, I was concerned that they really didn't understand what they were praying. Were the stories of Jesus so much in their imaginations that when we announced the Mystery of the Rosary their minds would immediately call up those thoughts and images? And my answer to that question was, "no." I even struggle with it, so what could I expect of the children? These Scriptural Rosary CD's have changed that for me, as well as for them. Hearing them over and over taught them what happens in the Mysteries of the Rosary, so that they can really meditate on the Mysteries and not just say the words.

The Sorrowful Mysteries
The third of the 4-volume set of the Mysteries of the Rosary includes an introductory discussion of Archbishop Fulton Sheen’s assertion that “Jesus Christ did not come into the world to live. He came into it to die.” Then, you’ll hear a Scriptural Rosary, including more than a dozen children. Each mystery is introduced by an explanation of "what happened in the mystery." Next, before each "Hail Mary," a child reads a verse from the Scriptural revelation of the mystery. At the conclusion, hear the exciting story of "The Rosary and the Atom Bomb." Original orchestral music by William Straub aids the beauty of the meditations.


Run time approx. 47 minutes

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