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Road to Bethlehem Game

Road to Bethlehem Game

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A runaway bestseller in Europe, The Road to Bethlehem is now available in the United States.

Now’s the time to take your family on an adventure-filled journey to experience together a biblical world you’ve only read about – until now.

This fast-moving strategy game skillfully weaves biblical themes into exhilarating action, offering hours of wholesome fun for all ages. Your family will rediscover the beauty of our Christian faith while reconnecting with the Holy Family and the saints.

Christian families will enjoy a fun strategy game that rivals Ticket to Ride and Settlers of Catan, yet reinforces the value of Christian culture, virtues, skills, and knowledge.

And because The Road to Bethlehem is a table top session game rather than a traditional board game, it can be easily boxed up and resumed at a later time, making it perfect for families with children of all ages.

This is NOT a “roll and move” game that leaves everything to chance. Instead, it’s a scenario-based game where players embark on a journey in which values such as friendship, cooperation, and trust will determine your success or failure. The more you work together, the farther you go!

Clara opens up the game and shows you what is inside in this video!

Holy Heroes Mom says:

"The number one reason to play this game is that it solidifies in your imagination one of the most neglected parts of our faith: 

We are all under the protection of angels. You are brought back in time by the Archangel Raphael and are under his protection throughout the game."  

The Archangel Raphael will guide your quest, taking you across eight thrilling environments including deserts, mountains, and great cities.

Along the way you’ll meet real characters from 2,000 years ago and experience their tricks, cunning . . . and kindness. Where The Road leads depends entirely on your own choices and performance!


Game includes:

  • 1 Book of Adventures (170 pages, full color, leather binding)
  • 8 Encounter Cards
  • 40 Decision Cards
  • 24 Special Cards
  • 55 Archangel Raphael Cards
  • 106 Equipment Tokens
  • 30 Surprise Tokens
  • 8 Personal Progress Bars
  • 1 Time Bar
  • 40 Wooden markers (2 colors)
  • 1 Wheel of TAU
  • 1 Bag of Surprises (cloth bag)
  • 1 Manual (including Quick Start)

AGE: 8+
TIME: 10 minutes per round and 4-6 hours to complete the journey

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