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Praying to Holy Angels: Angel of God and St. Michael the Archangel Prayers in Sacred Art for Young Children

Praying to Holy Angels: Angel of God and St. Michael the Archangel Prayers in Sacred Art for Young Children

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Matching classic works of sacred art with the Angel of God and St. Michael the Archangel Prayer, Praying to Holy Angels impresses the beauty of the faith upon the hearts, minds, and souls of children.

Through beautiful Sacred Art, this picture book will help Catholic children learn these prayers while seeing magnificent artwork. On each page, there is a phrase of the prayers with a short explanation of what it means at the bottom. Its gentle catechesis, line-by-line exploration of the Guardian Angel and St. Michael prayers, and appealing artwork make it a perfect companion for preschoolers through second graders.

Parents and children alike have fallen in love with this beautiful prayer book. "My kids love to look at the beautiful illustrations, and the print for reading is large!" shared a delighted customer. The book's inviting design and engaging visuals make it a joy for children to read and explore, turning prayer time into a cherished experience.

The book's educational value extends beyond its captivating art. A reviewer expressed their appreciation, saying, "Beautiful catechesis that is simplified well for a young child on the role of angels. Love the well-chosen sacred art coupled with the Guardian Angel and St. Michael Prayers!" This book not only introduces children to the concept of angels but also helps them develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of their role in their lives.

From the moment you lay eyes on this book, you'll appreciate its impeccable craftsmanship. A customer joyfully remarked, "The cover of this book, its size, the texture of its glossy pages, and the color throughout are wonderful!" We understand the importance of sensory experiences, and we've spared no effort in ensuring that this book is a delight to hold and explore.

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Author: Kerri Davison (the Holy Heroes Mom)

48 pages packed with full-color images

A list of artwork & artists featured is included



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