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More Catholic Than the Pope

More Catholic Than the Pope

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By Patrick Madrid and Pete Vere

The faithful remnant or extreme traditionalists?

It can be difficult to distinguish defenders from defectors. Many traditionalist schisms that sprang up after the Second Vatican Council are filled with devotion to the Blessed Mother. They remain very conservative with regard to moral issues afflicting the Western world today. They practice a reverence before the Blessed Sacrament during their traditional Latin Masses.

It can be easy to sympathize with such seemingly devout but truly disaffected Catholics.

Now More Catholic Than the Pope examines one such group – the Society of St. Pius X – and explains how its prime architect and figurehead, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, and some of his followers chose to cut themselves off from the Church, all the while proclaiming that the “conciliar Church” in “Rome” had cut itself off from them.

Here is the history of the Society, from its beginning in France and Switzerland, to its rise and fall and rise again within the Catholic Church,including a discussion of the late Pope John Paul II’s fraternal but ultimately fruitless efforts at reconciliation with them.

Here, too, in a series of carefully chosen appendices, are the clear, concise, canonical answers to the issues Society members continue to raise, the arguments they still press in an effort to vindicate their situation.

The authors say, “We earnestly hope that the evidence we present in this book will help extreme traditionalists to see the mistakes made by the SSPX and similar groups, abandon them, and come home to the Church.”

Much has happened between the Catholic Church and the SSPX in the years since this book was written, but it remains a helpful analysis of the problems posed by the SSPX, their history, and their particular arguments. If your loved one is a member of an extreme traditionalist group, such as the SSPX, or if their representatives have been urging you to become involved by attending Mass at one of their unauthorized, independent “chapels,” please read this book.

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186 pages, soft cover

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