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Are you a Faith Formation teacher, parish education department head, club leader, home school parent, or anyone else who needs to plan ahead? Or do you sometimes want to go back to previous Sundays, to reinforce a lesson?

Mass PrepNOW--you can! With Mass Prep Early Access, our weekly Sunday Mass prep videos, downloads, and activities are now available to fit your timeline. You'll get an email each month (by the 20th of the month) with the full download for the following month's coloring pages, quizzes, and answer keys. And you'll have UNLIMITED printing rights for your organization! You'll also receive access to all of our Holy Heroes Sunday Gospel videos for the month.


For each Sunday Mass you'll receive:

  • Gospel Coloring Page with a caption from the Sunday Scripture
  • Printable Mass Quiz (and answer key)
  • Gospel Video
  • BONUS: Downloads for Holy Days of Obligation
  • BONUS: Downloads for Advent & Lent (including Ash Wednesday)
  • And more surprises from time-to-time! Anything from a special page to celebrate a feast day to full coloring books!

By delivering each month's activities over a week ahead of time, you'll have plenty of time to incorporate them into your education plans for each week. And if you want to review previous weeks--you'll be able to do that, too.

NOTE: The Mass Prep emails are sent on the 20th of each month. This email will contain the activities for the following month, giving you over a week to review, prep and print.

Sample Content from Mass Prep Early Access

Click the button to download a sample of the weekly Mass Prep handouts. Each week there is a coloring page and a quiz. Some weeks have bonus downloads such as for Advent, Lent, feast days and other special days throughout the year.