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Blessed Carlo Acutis: The Amazing Discovery of a Teenager in Heaven

Blessed Carlo Acutis: The Amazing Discovery of a Teenager in Heaven

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 When Carlo Acutis became "Blessed Carlo Acutis" in Assisi on October 10, 2020, it was unlike any other beatification in history.


His mother, father, and 10-year-old twin siblings attended the beatification,
along with several of his friends from junior high and high school!

Carlo died suddenly at age 15, but then appeared in a dream to his mother saying,
"I will be beatified soon, and shortly after, canonized a saint."


Get this book--and dive into the amazing life of a teenage boy who died in 2006--and has already begun to intercede with miracles from Heaven!

You'll follow along, step-by-step, the methodical process the Catholic Church follows to determine who is in Heaven, and the miracles which revealed that Carlo was already there. 

Extensively researched and incorporating details from official Church documents and personal interviews with Blessed Carlo's mother, you'll learn:

  • What miracles astounded him so much that he created a website to share them with the world?
  • What simple habits did he incorporate into his life, plus the weaknesses he struggled with?
  • What did he call his "kit" for becoming a saint, which fits the lives of modern children and teens?
  • What was the miracle--7 years to the day of his death--which led to the beatification?
  • What still remains before the Church can recognize him as "Saint Carlo Acutis"?

If your child has ever wondered, "how does someone become a Saint?" then this is the book for them!

"This book is a masterpiece of saint's life writing! Blessed Carlo comes alive through the pictures on every page, the interviews with his mother, and the details of his beatification!" (Elizabeth)

"My middle school students are obsessed with Bl. Carlo Acutis- and with good reason! More than just a biography, the book also includes practical explanations of the canonization process, growing in holiness, and more." (Katie)

"Fascinating to kids. Holy Heroes hit it out of the park with this one—equal parts bio, prayer book, and apologetics for how the Church determines sainthood." (Mary)

AND---if your child loved Holy Mysteries!, this is a great next book! 

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Product Details

Author: Sabrina Ferrisi
Foreword by Patrick Novecosky

Full-color, paperbound, appropriate for ages 11 & up
Size: 5-1/2 x 8-1/2 inches
Pages: 128

Printed in the U.S.A.


"I am ashamed to admit that I had previously suspected that Blessed Carlo's sanctity was being overblown in an attempt to give the world its first "millennial saint." Reading this book proved me wrong. I was instantly captivated by the story of Blessed Carlo Acutis, who was born the same year (1991) as my own firstborn child. As I read the incredible, uncommon life he led from infancy, my heart swelled with awe and gratitude at what the Lord had done. This young man changed everyone around him, and he changed me as well, as he has become a heavenly friend and a daily intercessor in my life. I enthusiastically recommend this remarkable book for the entire family. It may have been intended for children, but every adult in the family should read it, too!"

--Leila Miller, Author of Raising Chaste Catholic Men and Made this Way


"Today, June 16th, is the anniversary of the First Communion of Blessed Carlo Acutis, a faith-filled Italian teen who loved the Eucharist and created a website to promote awareness of Eucharistic miracles. He died suddenly in 2006 at the age of 15, but a miracle received through his intercession 7 years to the day after he died contributed to his beatification in 2020. Holy Heroes Books has just released a fascinating new biography of the teen for young readers: "Blessed Carlo Acutis: The Amazing Discovery of a Teenager in Heaven" by Sabrina Arena Ferrisi. In addition to Carlo’s life story, researched extensively through official Church documents and interviews with his mother, the author explains the canonization process and various devotional practices associated with the saints."

-- Paul Thigpen, Author of 35 different books and Catholic Speaker


"Just like St. Therese Lisieux’ little way guided generations of 20th century Catholics to grow in holiness through loving trust of God, so Blessed Carlo Acutis’ Eucharist “highway to heaven” is inspiring and leading Catholics, young and old, in our time on the ever ancient, ever original path of Christian faith, life and joy. There’s a reason why Pope Francis highlighted Blessed Carlo in his exhortation to young people and why the U.S. Bishops have named him a patron of the country’s Eucharist revival: Blessed Carlo shows us how to live our faith with radiant conviction, fascination, fervor, integrity and courage in the internet age. Sabrina Ferrisi’s very readable new biography will help those who already know him to come to know him better, as well as assist those just discovering him to realize why he is destined to become one of the greatest and most influential Catholics of the 21st century."

--Father Roger J. Landry, National Eucharistic Preacher for the US Church’s Eucharistic Revival

"Outside of Christ, the saints are our greatest teachers. Bl. Carlo Acutis lived the Eucharistic life to the fullest, always using his time for God's glory. Here is a teenager, a modern day version of St. Francis of Assisi and Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati, who beckons us to become poured out like Christ for others. At the same time, Bl. Carlo reminds us to become "original" and not "photocopies" of other people. Those who read this book, especially our youth, will discover an ordinary soul who loved extraordinarily.”

-- Patrick O'Hearn, author of Parents of the Saints: The Hidden Heroes Behind Our Favorite Saints


 "Blessed Carlo Acutis" by Sabrina Arena Ferrisi is an intimate look into the life of a truly beautiful soul who brought joy to everyone around him and continues to minister to the world through his witness and his intercession in Heaven.  I greatly enjoyed the firsthand accounts of Carlo's life from people who were close to him and seeing all the photos of Carlo in the places, and with the people, he loved the most.  The book loses no opportunity to provide practical ways that readers can grow closer to Christ through Carlo's example including Carlo's "kit" for becoming a saint. I highly recommend this book to anyone getting to know Carlo as possibly the best written to date on this saintly teen who has much to teach young and old alike."

-- Jordan Avery, Artist and Father


 "You’ve probably heard of him, since he’s basically the coolest millennial and “someday saint”. Have you read his story, or seen his website? Have you read the Vatican announcements about his beatification and the miracle? I hadn’t, and kinda hadn’t planned on it. But I'm so glad that Holy Heroes introduced me to him and their book about Blessed Carlo. 

I’m completely won-over. This kid was totally normal but also extraordinary. You know that, he’s a blessed! I particularly love the detail I learned about how he spent his internet time so intentionally, always to glorify God. This example is essential for teens! Heck, I need to follow his example more. I’ve also loved the information Holy Heroes included: website addresses, copies of the Vatican documents, and a great explanation of how the Church investigates and declares someone a saint. My sons carry this around the house reading it, and I’m glad they have such a relatable example of holiness." 

-- Gina Fensterer from @somedaysaints, Author and Mother


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