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Our Lady’s Wardrobe

Our Lady’s Wardrobe

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This delightful rhyming book introduces Catholic children to the Blessed Virgin Mary in a fun and simple way—through her apparitions and the clothes she wore!

Reminds us of a story a priest once told. A young boy asked us why there were so many "Our Ladies."
"What do you mean?" the priest asked.
"There's Our Lady of Mt Carmel, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Our Lady of Lourdes--how many mothers did Jesus have?"
"Oh, just one mother--but just like all women, every time she goes out, she likes to wear a different outfit."

When Our Lady lived in Nazareth, she was very poor and would have dressed very simply.

But now in Heaven, she has a great variety of dresses, veils, sashes, robes, and crowns!

Our Lady’s Wardrobe tells the story of some of her most famous apparitions, highlighting the clothes she wore and the things she did.

By reading this book, children will not only learn about the Mother of God, but will also learn the main purpose of her life—to love and serve her son, Jesus Christ, and to lead others to do the same.

Author: Anthony DeStefano
Illustrations: Juliana Kolesova
Hardcover, 40 pages

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