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The Second Catholic - Mormon Dialogue MP3

The Second Catholic - Mormon Dialogue MP3

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Patrick Madrid vs. Elder Frank Bradshaw


“Is the Book of Mormon Inspired Scripture” and

“Is the LDS president a true prophet?”

In this one-of-a-kind sequel to his first debate with an official LDS spokesman (officially selected by the LDS leadership in Salt Lake City to represent the LDS Church in this debate), Catholic apologist Patrick Madrid once again squares off with a spokesman for the Mormon Church.

Elder Frank Bradshaw was then the president of the LDS Institute of Religion section in Southern California at the time of this debate (1991). He, Like Elder Gary Coleman, who defended the Mormon Church’s teachings in the previous Catholic / Mormon debate, offered an articulate and irenic presentation of LDS theology on two key issues: authority and the Book of Mormon.

Patrick Madrid provided a Catholic response to and critique of these teachings, in light of Scripture and the historical facts surrounding Mormon prophets and the compilation of the Book of Mormon. Held in a large auditorium at the chancery complex of the Diocese of Orange before an audience of over 500 Mormons, Catholics, and Evangelicals, this public dialogue will help you understand how to talk about your Catholic Faith with Mormons more effectively. Perfect for personal apologetics study and for small-group study circles.

Special Notes:
This is a digital download; the equivalent of two 60-minute audio CDs

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