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The ABCs of Choosing a Good Wife

The ABCs of Choosing a Good Wife

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The ABCs of Choosing a Good Wife: How to Find and Marry a Great Girl
by Stephen Wood

Every Man Should Read This Book to Help Him Make the Greatest Decision of His Life!

Let's face it. Finding a good woman is no easy task in our materialistic, pleasure-seeking, divorce-plagued society. In fact, many men today have given up hope of ever finding a good woman to marry. This unique new book offers practical and insightful advice to men on how to choose a partner for life and restores hope that a lasting, loving, and fulfilling marriage is possible in a divorce-prone world.

Here are just a few of the topics covered:

  • How to develop good communication skills
  • The best places to find good, eligible women
  • How to know when you've met the woman you want to marry
  • How to avoid getting stuck in dead-end relationships
  • How a man can support a family on one income in today's economy
  • A sound, biblical strategy for getting finances on a solid footing
  • Key questions to ask before you ask the big question
  • Are Internet sites for Christian singles worthwhile?
  • The answer to the common question "how far can I go before marriage?"

The ABCs of Choosing a Good Wife offers a solid new way to prepare for marriage in a world where relationships are falling apart. Many children today come from families scarred by divorce. Even those who come from stable homes have seen marriages collapsing all around them. Nevertheless, Steve Wood believes that young adults are ready for the radical solutions he proposes, solutions that embody the traditions and wisdom of the Catholic Church.

Customer Review:

"I'm a 22-year old university student. I've purchased both of your ABC's books - and I think they are both fantastic! I've spoken with many of my Catholic friends about the books, and the majority are interested in reading them. One, after reading the ABC's of Choosing a Good Wife, went and bought a copy of ABC's of Choosing a Good Husband for his girlfriend; another friend said she would be buying a copy soon too. After my experiences speaking with them, I believe that these books will spread like wildfire! I pray for you and your ministry, that more resources may continue to be published for the youth, who today are in such desperate need of strong moral and prayerful leadership in all aspects of life. God Bless You, and Keep Writing!"
- Myron

"We gave a copy of your book, ABC’s of Finding a Good Wife, to our 20-year-old grandson, Daniel. He told us that in reading your book, he no longer believes birth control is right. We just thought you would like to know how your book has blessed our grandson, Daniel. Thank you so much."
- Joe

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