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Tenebrae Service at Home (votive candle craft) [Download]

Tenebrae Service at Home (votive candle craft) [Download]

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An at-home Tenebrae Service with your Family

In this download, we have provided a variation of the traditional Tenebrae that you can do at home!

Download includes the Scripture readings, prayers, and bonus votive candle wraps that can be used to pray a Tenebrae Service at home as a family.

Your kids can color and cut out each of the votive candle wraps for each candle so they have a visual for each meditation.

Then, Mom or Dad can lead the service by lighting each of the candles, reading the Scripture citations, and extinguishing each candle at the end of the Scripture reading.

Gradually, the candles are extinguished symbolizing Jesus’ Passion ending with His Death on the cross. The liturgy ends with only a single candle lit, which represents the hope in Christ’s resurrection, and a loud noise meant to symbolize the earthquake that occurred after Jesus died.

When there is only one candle left lit, the Tenebrae service should end with a loud sound, for example, knocking on a table or closing a book loudly. Spend a few minutes in silent reflection.

When does the Tenebrae liturgy take place?

During Holy Week, the morning prayers of the Divine Office were traditionally prayed leading up to Easter, which are Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday; this is referred to as Tenebrae.

7 page PDF download to print

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