Sanctify Them in Truth: How the Church's Social Doctrine Addresses the Issues of Our Time

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Your junior high, high school, and college students (and you!) need this easy-to-read with great "further reading" documentation!

After Faith Formation and apologetics training, what do you have to help clearly explain how to approach modern social issues through the lens of Church teaching? 

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The teachings of the Church are not outdated or in need of an update to meet the expectations of modern society.  

Fr. Kirby presents an approachable, easy-to-read guide on eight of our most pressing social issues. The book applies Divine Wisdom and the guidance of the Church as it dissects oft-debated topics, presenting helpful teaching so that the reader knows how to navigate today’s contentious world with conviction and a clear conscience.

The book answers:

• Why is abortion the issue that is above all other social issues in importance?
• Can immigration be both moral--and limited?
• What is the Christian responsibility to the environment?
• How are we called to approach the LGBTQ+ movement?
• Is healthcare a human right?
• When can artificial nutrition and hydration be suspended for a dying relative?
• Is the Critical Race Theory within the bounds of justice?
• Why can’t women be ordained priests?

Fr. Kirby’s pastoral guidance helps him discuss these issues in a straightforward way to build a sure foundation on the social doctrine of the Church. 

Paperback, 176 pages