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Prayer Pillowcase - St. Michael

Prayer Pillowcase - St. Michael

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This leader of the forces of Heaven, whose Hebrew name means “Who is like God,” has been battling the forces of evil since the dawn of time. Our dynamic Saint Michael the Archangel Prayer Pillowcase presents the strength and determination of Saint Michael - attributes that are quite comforting since we know they’re forever working in our favor! He’s always pictured with a sword, because he fights relentlessly for us against Satan, and often with scales like you see here, to symbolize his work of helping to “weigh” souls at death before presenting them to God.

Through his intercession Saint Michael gives all ages the wisdom and courage to fight for others. Whenever we feel threatened or fearful the Prayer to Saint Michael can bring comfort in its assurance that the Prince of the Seraphim is fighting for peace right alongside us! And when we teach our children his prayer, we’re giving them a gift for life, a bottomless reserve of spiritual strength, security and reassurance!

  • Image: St. Michael
  • Prayer: St. Michael Prayer 
  • Feast Day: September 29th
  • Patron of: Spiritual Warfare, Chivalry, The Sick, Police & Others who work in dangerous conditions

Pillowcase Material: Poly/Cotton Blend

20" x 31" to fit Standard and Queen-sized pillows.

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