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Prayer Pillowcase - St. Joseph

Prayer Pillowcase - St. Joseph

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When God asked Joseph the Carpenter to help Mary raise Jesus as a son, Joseph said YES to God. That was really brave!

Our Saint Joseph Prayer Pillowcase shares a glimpse of that brave, faithful man as the loving, devoted foster father he became. Here we see him watching over young Jesus in the simple surroundings of their home. Joseph’s loving gaze and protective embrace of Baby Jesus reminds us that because Joseph trusted, God gave him the grace he needed to become the earthly father of the Light of the World. This Saint Joseph Prayer Pillowcase can move all ages to pray for God to love and guide their family as He did the Holy Family. Did you notice the wooden vase of lilies? Perhaps Joseph crafted a vase for Mary to fill with wild flowers. We’ve filled ours with lilies because they're a symbol of Saint Joseph’s humility and physical chastity, and remind us that it was God who chose Joseph to became Mary’s husband: of all the walking sticks Mary had collected from her suitors, only Joseph’s wooden stick miraculously blossomed with flowers.

When we cannot understand God’s plan, Joseph’s integrity and brave heart will show us how to trust. This Saint Joseph Prayer Pillowcase gives all ages a convenient way to ask Saint Joseph to intercede for their family’s welfare, and for his help in building a life with Christ. Best of all, Joseph models a faithful love of our Blessed Mother Mary!

  • Image: Saint Joseph
  • Prayer: To St. Joseph
  • Feast Day: March 19th
  • Patron of: Fathers, Families, Workers (especially Carpenters), The Homeless & The Universal Church

Pillowcase Material: Poly/Cotton Blend

20" x 31" to fit Standard and Queen-sized pillows.

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