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Prayer Pillowcase - St. Joan of Arc

Prayer Pillowcase - St. Joan of Arc

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We often picture our teenage years as some to never forget. Saint Joan of Arc’s teenage years are no exception: She is the youngest person in history to have commanded a nation’s armies! As the 17 year-old, unschooled daughter of a farmer, Joan of Arc showed incredible courage at accepting her divinely inspired role of military leader. Her unwavering faith in God’s will both propelled her into and sustained her through the conflicts and victories that followed. The beautifully detailed portrait we created for our Saint Joan Prayer Pillowcase vibrantly pictures Joan holding the battle flag she carried when leading charges against the enemy.

Both timeless and current, our inspirational Saint Joan Prayer Pillowcase is especially fitting for anyone striving to hold fast to their faith amongst the daily challenges of work or peer pressure, school, and growing up. The compelling prayer recalls this valiant young woman's steadfast faith, and reminds us to ask our Heavenly Father for the companionship, courage and stamina we need when we feel alone, frightened by the unknown, or weak with thoughts of inadequacy.

  • Image: Saint Joan of Arc
  • Prayer: To St. Joan of Arc
  • Feast Day: May 30th
  • Patron Saint of: Soldiers (particularly Service Women), Martyrs, People persecuted for their faith & France
  • France, 1412 - 1431

Pillowcase Material: Poly/Cotton Blend

20" x 31" to fit Standard and Queen-sized pillows.

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