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The Picture Bible - Hardcover

The Picture Bible - Hardcover

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This is the first Bible that every child in our house has read from cover-to-cover!

We first found this Bible in a used book sale, in black & white, 7 children ago (so you can imagine that covers and pages and chapters are now missing) -- and then we found this updated version that's better than ever and in color! 

We've found that our experience is not unique! One reviewer shared, "I purchased this for our Catholic school library, and I cannot keep it in the room! As soon as the children saw it, they wanted it." Another satisfied customer shared, "This Bible has hardly been put down since it arrived. Our 9-year-old son is devouring it, and it makes this momma heart so happy!"  This overwhelming response speaks volumes about the power of this Bible to captivate young minds and instill excitement about reading and discovering the Word of God.

Unlike traditional Bibles that often segregate stories, the  Picture Bible seamlessly weaves together 233 Bible stories into narratives, creating a continuous and engaging reading experience. Another reviewer expressed, "I can see how this Bible will be engaging and encourage a child to 'read on' more than they might with a traditional Bible or one that keeps stories more segregated." This unique approach fosters a deep understanding of the interconnectedness of Scripture and inspires children to explore further. With Scripture citations for every story -- there simply is no better way to introduce your children to God's plan through the story that He has deemed so important that He inspired it to be written down.

Even Archbishop Fulton Sheen (soon to be beatified!) recommended this Bible, saying, "This Picture Bible for all ages is an excellent introduction to those who do not know the Bible and an excellent review for those who do.


Now updated with interesting new features, including "Did you know?" fact pages, time line, story listing, maps, and more, kids will love the great stories and action pictures of the newly revised Picture Bible. God's Word will come alive for hours of family reading enjoyment. Newly designed with a fresh cover, text, and maps, this Scripture makes an ideal first Bible for young readers. Children can follow the colorful pictures and storyline and engage their imaginations as they discover the story of God's love revealed.

PLUS--Download the Jesse Tree Reading Plan. 


Hardcover: 800 Pages


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