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Mysteries of the Rosary Posters [Set of 20]

Mysteries of the Rosary Posters [Set of 20]

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We have received so many requests to create wall posters of the Mysteries of the Rosary...and they are finally here!

Pray all 20 Mysteries of the Rosary while meditating on these beautiful, full-color wall posters. The artwork is pulled from the Rosary of Saint John Paul II book and is printed on gloss-coated heavy stock (perfect for hanging on a wall--framed or not)!

Now you can hang these in your classroom, hallway, yard, or set them up on your prayer altar for your family to pray the Rosary!

"I have never been happier with a purchase for our Faith Formation program. Every mystery of the rosary has a beautifully profound “Fruit of the Mystery” that the children will easily understand." (Maria)
"Gorgeous images and an easy-to-frame size." (Katrina)
"These sturdy posters of beautiful artwork really help all the members of our family meditate while praying the rosary." (Valerie)

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Includes 20 Posters 8" x 10"

Full-color gloss coated on heavy stock

Printed in the U.S.A.

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