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Lenten Daily Prayer & Sacrifice Cards (40 card set)

Lenten Daily Prayer & Sacrifice Cards (40 card set)

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When our friend Katie Warner told us about this idea, we knew Catholic families would LOVE it.

This Lent, offer each day's prayers and penances for a specific person. Note them on your daily calendar (one of our Lent & Easter calendars is FREE with every order) so you don't forget!

Then, mail that person a beautiful postcard. Not only will this be incredibly touching, but this postcard can be hung on the fridge, added to a prayer card collection, or used as a bookmark--trust us, this is not a postcard that gets thrown away. 

This set includes 40 Postcards (10 of each design) that you can mail or hand out to individual people each day of Lent. 

Katie Warner shared there are 3 impacts from this transformative Lenten practice:

"First, it encourages me to take the Lenten pillar of prayer even more seriously, focusing on how my prayer not only my impacts own spiritual life, but impacts the Body of Christ. I feel like my intentional prayers each day help carry the cross of some other person in my life.

Second, it allows me to become a sort of spiritual companion to another person on their own Lenten journey, particularly by letting them know that I am interceding for him or her on that day. Oftentimes, the individual will give me specific intentions to pray for, making that day’s prayer even more meaningful.

Finally, it gives me a chance to catch up on my 'I’ll be praying for you' promises. It’s easy to tell people that we are praying for them, but sometimes, our prayer for them just isn’t as frequent or as deep as we would like it to be. (Other times, we forget to pray altogether!) This Lenten prayer activity changes that. You devote an entire day of spiritual focus — through prayer, but also sacrifice — to one person and their struggles, hopes, spiritual life, family relations, health, and whatever else that soul uniquely needs from you and your intercession."

Sold in 40-card packs (10 cards of each design). Card size is 6 x 4"

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