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Feast Day! The Liturgical Year Board Game

Feast Day! The Liturgical Year Board Game

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Introducing Holy Heroes Feast Day! The Liturgical Year Board Game, a captivating and educational game that brings the joy of the liturgical year to life. This game has received rave reviews from customers who appreciate its ability to engage children, its Catholic focus, and its enriching educational value.

Children find Holy Heroes Feast Day! to be an exciting and relatable game that captures their attention. One delighted customer's 8-year-old exclaimed, "This is so cool—it's like Candyland but Jesus style." This endorsement showcases the game's ability to make learning about the liturgical year enjoyable and accessible to young players. When the Holy Heroes Adventure Guides played this--it was close, but Caroline won on the last roll and question. Dad demanded a rematch...but we will not reveal the outcome...

As an excellent resource for faith formation and homeschooling, Feast Day! has garnered praise from educators and parents alike. One customer, a faith formation teacher and homeschool mom of four, attested to its quality, stating, "This is an excellent resource! The kids absolutely love every game we get from Holy Heroes! Thank you for continuing to create deeply Catholic resources and games! They really enrich the children's faith and encourage a deeper experience with the Church." This endorsement emphasizes the game's ability to enrich children's faith and foster a deeper connection with their Catholic heritage.

Looking to level up the game? Check out the Level 2 Expansion Pack and Saints Expansion Pack


FUN FACTS about FeastDay!

  • The 52 spaces represent the 52 Sundays of the year
  • Players travel through every season of the liturgical year
  • Special emphasis is given to the 4 Gospel Writers


Product Details

Ages: 5 & up
Players: 1- 4 (or you can play in teams, too)
Time to play: 20 minutes or so

Manufactured in the U.S.A.

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