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Catholicism 101: Essentials for the Journey DVD SET

Catholicism 101: Essentials for the Journey DVD SET

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Catholicism 101: Essentials for the Journey - DVD SET

There's NOTHING like this: all the components of the Faith are explained in a framework that makes everything come together!

EXCELLENT for high schoolers who are often so deep into the details that they don't comprehend the "big picture"--Catholicism can start to seem like a bunch of complicated rules, regulations, and niggles instead of God's plan to save us and transform us!
Trust us: All your children (like ours) will need to be able to explain and defend the UNITY of what we believe once they leave your home--and this is the way to equip them!

World-renowned author and theologian Jeff Cavins explains the basics of Catholicism in 10 dynamic talks. Drawing upon the Bible and the Catechism of the Catholic Church, as well as entertaining personal anecdotes, Cavins makes the Catholic faith come alive as he answers many of the most common questions people have about the faith.

Conversion: From Chaos to Covenant
How can you better conform your life to Jesus Christ? This talk explores the life-long journey of Christian conversion, and reveals God’s plan to bring everyone to Himself.

The Word of God: A Father Speaks to His Children
How can you get the most out of reading the Bible? What is the role of Tradition in the Scriptures? This talk provides a valuable road map for navigating the Bible.

Prayer: Let’s Communicate
What is prayer? Why should you pray? How can you deepen your prayer life? This talk explores the beauty and challenges of prayer, and provides practical tips to jump-start or revitalize your prayer life.

Sacraments: Actions of the Holy Spirit
What is a sacrament? Why are there seven? Where do they come from and how do they work? In this talk, Cavins reveals the origin and power of the seven sacraments, and their importance in daily living.

Mass: The Center of Our Faith
Why is the Mass called a “Holy Sacrifice” and who decides what the readings will be? How can you best prepare yourself for Mass? This talk tackles these questions and more as Cavins explores the Biblical roots and significance of the Mass.

Mary: Our Mother and Advocate
Why does the Church teach that Mary was conceived without original sin? How can you develop a devotion to Mary? This talk shows how Mary’s role as intercessor is rooted in the Old Testament, and how Marian prayers like the rosary can help transform your life, wherever you are on your faith journey.

The Papacy: A Question of Authority
What does it mean when a pope speaks infallibly and where does his authority come from? Why does the pope live in Rome? This talk reveals the biblical foundations of the papacy and its important role in preserving unity in the Church.

Reconciliation: I Must Confess
Why do Catholics confess their sins to a priest and what is the difference between a mortal sin and a venial sin? This talk opens the confessional door to reveal the life-changing power of this often misunderstood sacrament.

The Liturgical Year: The Rhythm of the Church
Why do priests wear green during Ordinary Time and what is ordinary about it? What are the main liturgical seasons? In this talk Jeff Cavins explores the rich Biblical history and major feasts of the liturgical year.

The Communion of Saints: The Unity of the Family
What is the Communion of Saints, and why do Catholics pray to saints? This talk reveals how the Christian family extends beyond the living to include those who have gone before us in faith.

10 Video DVDs: Each DVD is 60 minutes long

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