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Blessed Carlo Acutis Prayer Card (5-pack)

Blessed Carlo Acutis Prayer Card (5-pack)

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Help us spread the word to celebrate this amazing teenager!

The Holy Heroes Blessed Carlo Acutis Prayer Card is not just a simple card; it serves as a powerful reminder for everyone, young and old, of the path to sainthood. A satisfied customer shared, "Carlo's kit for becoming a saint is a great reminder for EVERYONE (young and old)." This endorsement highlights the universal appeal and relevance of Carlo's journey, inspiring individuals of all ages to live lives of holiness and virtue.

Embrace the spirit of holiness and inspire others with the Holy Heroes Blessed Carlo Acutis Prayer Card. Order your set today and experience the joy of sharing the story and prayers of this remarkable young saint-in-the-making. Whether for personal devotion, gifting, or educational purposes, this prayer card serves as a tangible connection to the remarkable life of Blessed Carlo Acutis and a reminder of the call to holiness that we all share.

Large, 3x5" full-color collectible card featuring Blessed Carlo's "Kit" for How to Become a Saint!


Want to learn more about Blessed Carlo Acutis? Check our Glory Story or our *new* book about his life (with new unseen before pictures!).
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