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Altar Gang audio CD Vol 2

Altar Gang audio CD Vol 2

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"We've Been Wronged!" - AJ and Skiff discover that someone has destroyed their Babylon Action Play-Set! Driven by revenge, they begin a search for the culprit which leads them to realize the power of the Confessional, the value of forgiveness, and the amazing gift of God's Mercy.


THE ALTAR GANG!® audio series provides a joyful fresh look at the objects in the Church and the Holy Mass. Each Sunday, AJ the Aspergillum and Skiff the Incense Boat, along with rest of the Gang, help the priest prepare for Mass and learn the truths of the Gospel through stories and silly adventures. The rest of the Gang includes Pete the Chalice, Mary the Ciborium, Pablo the Paschal Candle, Maggie the Bells, Thomas the Thurible, Big John the Baptismal Font, Mo the Ambo, James and John the Altar Candles, Cecilia the Music Stand, Guido the Organ, and Mimi the Altar Cloth.

Total running time: approximately 38 minutes

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