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Advent 2-Book Set

Advent 2-Book Set

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Very Young Catholics in Austria

Prepare for the coming of Christmas by walking through the Advent season with a Catholic family!

Advent and Christmas are holy seasons everywhere, but the Catholic children of Austria have an especially rich set of traditions to draw on. 

Very Young Catholics in Austria begins in Advent and follows a young family through Christmas and Epiphany. We see the children creating tiny cookie houses, attending the traditional Advent Mass at dawn, enjoying news from friends in the snow-covered Alps, and reading the Christmas story from St. Luke’s Gospel.

Other adventures include a visit to the traditional Christmas market in their small town, and a spin on the ice-skating rink at the Vienna City Hall. Throughout all of their adventures runs the thread of their strong faith and the joy of Christ’s birth.

BONUS materials include information about:

  • the Rorate Mass,
  • Advent Markets,
  • what a Christkind is, 
  • and how the date of Christmas was selected!



An Advent Hope

Joan, Joe, Emmanuel, and Gianna are surprised when their parents suddenly begin bringing things into their home at the beginning of December. Evergreen branches, candles, and new foods keep appearing throughout the house. They are quickly told that this is part of "Advent" and that the family is preparing for the Christmas season. 

The four children have a lot of questions about Advent. Join the kids as their family celebrates Advent as a time of prayerful waiting and expectation, full of fun traditions and treats! 

Excerpts from the Scripture readings for Advent and Christmas are keyed to the main text throughout the book, helping little ones make connections between the story and what they hear at Mass throughout the Advent and beginning of the Christmas seasons. 

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