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A Girl Is a Girl board book

A Girl Is a Girl board book

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NEW for Catholic families: Instill in your smallest girl the belief that her creation is INTENTIONAL.

This charming book celebrates how every girl is precious and unique in God’s eyes, whether playing with trucks, feeding ducks, digging in the dirt, or twirling in a skirt. Your children will delight in the fun rhymes and vibrant, heartwarming illustrations. 

Being a girl is not defined by stereotypes such as clothing styles, hobbies, or skills. Nor is it defined by feelings. Our sex is part of who we are, and, like God’s love, it never changes. Emotions are fleeting, but God's love is eternal and provides infinite dignity and worth.

Along with its counterpart, A Boy Is a Boy, this board book is part of The Gift of Our identity series. It will help you teach your daughters that every girl is dearly loved by God, and that their femininity is a wonderful thing.


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