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The Holy Mass: On Earth as it is in Heaven

The Holy Mass: On Earth as it is in Heaven

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From the creators of huge best-seller The Catechism of the Seven Sacraments comes another adventure!

Catholic friends Fulton and Cynthia return for another "adventure in bricks" through the Holy Mass from the astounding perspective of God's instructions in the Old Testament and unpacking what Jesus taught His Apostles!

With an Imprimatur & Nihil Obstat, this vivid comic-book formatted volume takes children on a journey through the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, explaining where each part of the Mass comes from and why Catholic believe in the True Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist! 

Children will learn: 

  • How Moses and the Passover prefigured the first Mass
  • How we receive special graces through the Mass
  • How God's covenant relationship with us continues today 
  • What the deep meaning behind each element of the Mass is
  • and so much more!

We’ve been asked: “So, which Mass is it that is revealed in this book?”

It’s the Holy Mass instituted by Christ that is now celebrated in various rites and liturgical expressions, traditions, languages, and forms (the Catholic Church actually includes six rites which are celebrated in 24 distinct “churches” which are all in union under the divine authority of the successor of Saint Peter).

Yes: regardless of the form of the Holy Mass you may attend, all follow the same foundational structure of worship which God Himself gave to us!

Includes glossary by John Hardon, S.J. 


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Imprimatur & Nihil Obstat

By Kevin and Mary O'Neill
222 Pages

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