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Holy Mysteries! 12 Investigations into Extraordinary Cases

Holy Mysteries! 12 Investigations into Extraordinary Cases

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Seeing is believing . . . or is it?

This intriguing and fun book investigates 12 mysterious, inexplicable cases that have happened in the history of the Catholic faith, some of which still continue to happen or remain today. These cases consider such questions as:

  • Did the sun really dance at Fatima before 70,000 people?
  • Did a Host from a Mass actually turn into human flesh?
  • Whose face appears on the Shroud of Turin, and how did it get on it?
  • What happens with the Holy Fire at the Holy Sepulcher every Holy Saturday evening?
  • Why does the bell of Rocamadour sometimes ring for no reason?
  • Who was the mysterious carpenter that built a spiral staircase without nails that stands by itself?
  • How did the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe get painted on the tilma of Juan Diego?
  • How do the bodies of some saints remain intact and never corrupt?

These and many other questions are explored in the 12 investigations into extraordinary cases that invite us to think deeply about mysterious events and our faith in God.

You can also check out this blog post that delves into the mysteries presented in the book! 

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By: Sophie De Mullenheim
11 x 9.3 inches
Pages: 80
Format: Hardback

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