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Dear God, I Don't Get It (2nd Edition)

Dear God, I Don't Get It (2nd Edition)

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Fans of Clare's Costly Cookie---this one is for the boys!

This Catholic fiction novel introduces us to Aaron, a 6th grader who experiences a crisis in faith when his family moves to North Dakota. 

Aaron's relatable experiences in his new life in North Dakota provide ample opportunity for growth and self-discovery. As he grapples with challenges and doubts, he learns that even in the face of adversity, God's plan is always present. With the guidance of his wise and loving parents, Aaron's faith is transformed, and he gains a deeper understanding of what it means to be a hero.

Author Patti Maguire Armstrong addresses those questions that young adults face when prayers aren’t answered in a time of adversity―most importantly, “Is He even listening?” 


The glowing reviews from satisfied customers speak volumes about the impact of this book. From the very first chapter, laughter fills the air as families delve into Aaron's journey. But amidst the laughter lies a profound message about God's unwavering love for us and His divine plan unfolding in our lives. The subject of prayer, often difficult to discuss with children, is skillfully addressed in a way that resonates deeply with young hearts.

Children are spellbound by this captivating tale, as evidenced by the enthusiastic response from an 11-year-old reader who devoured the book not once, but twice, in a matter of days. With an abundance of praise, he declares it "AWESOME" and "FANTASTIC," highlighting the book's ability to evoke worry, inspiration, and an eagerness to perform acts of kindness. This captivating story sparks a desire in young readers to do great things and inspires them to live out their faith in tangible ways.

As a parent, you'll appreciate how Dear God, I Don't Get It weaves important theological truths into a heartwarming story. It delves into topics such as redemptive suffering, dying to self, and forgiveness with sensitivity and grace. Your child will learn valuable lessons about honesty, intent, and the power of heroic sacrifice to bring true peace and joy. This book serves as a helpful tool for parents to explore and explain complex theological concepts to their preteens, while deepening their own understanding of the Catholic faith.

Armstrong's storytelling is not only humorous and engaging but also masterfully imparts Catholic theology, morality lessons, and insights into the lives of the saints. The seamless integration of these elements ensures that readers absorb valuable knowledge without feeling overwhelmed.

Dear God, I Don't Get It leaves a lasting impression on every reader, offering relatable characters, thought-provoking themes, and a gentle reminder to trust in God's wisdom and plan.


This expanded 2nd Edition includes discussion questions and more!

Get the 2nd book in the series HERE.



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Autor: Patti Maguire Armstrong

Softcover Book
Pages: 112



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