Parish and School Resources

Looking for good Catholic products to supply your school or parish? Check out our items that fit a variety of needs, including prayer cards, brochures, audio stories of the saints, prayer guides, and so much more! There are resources for all of sacramental prep, including First Communion and Baptism. Parishes and schools get a special discount (contact us to set up a free account!).

Check out our *NEW* Advent and Christmas Catalog here!

Interested in free programs for your parishioners? Check out our free adventures here! Parishes and schools especially love our Sunday Mass Prep program, with videos and activities explaining the readings. Contact us if you are interested in including a free flyer of any of these adventures in your bulletin/newsletter so that your parishioners and students can continue to grow in their faith!

ADVENT 2022 - We'll send you free Advent Adventure Flyers to hand out to your families! You can see a sample page by clicking here or sign up by visiting If you are interested in receiving free flyers, just let us know how many you need and we will send them to you!