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Clare's Costly Cookie

Clare's Costly Cookie

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Teach your children how to pray--through this enchanting book!

Our Anna, Therese, Lillian, and Caroline LOVE this book! There is no better story for teaching how to pray to Jesus as your best friend.

Nine year old Clare shows children that following Jesus Christ and striving for true holiness are worth any cost. With spirit and spunk she demonstrates for young readers that living the holy Catholic faith is not only exciting, but better than gooey, warm chocolate chip cookies.

In days which every child will recognize, Clare encounters difficulties which she discusses with Jesus, including:

  • Her brother copy-catting her
  • An argument with her older sister--for no reason!
  • Disobeying her mom (when she really didn't want to, but...)
  • Trying to pay attention in Mass
  • A noisy house in which everyone else is squabbling...

And 15 more typical days, including what a new Holy card made her think of.

Find Book 2 in this Series HERE 

Product Details

By Julie Kelly
Illustrated by Mary MacArthur
Publication Date: 2013
Binding: Softcover
Size:5.5 x8.5in
Pages: 96


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