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Holy Heroes Playing Cards

Holy Heroes Playing Cards

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Some of our fondest memories of quality time with family and friends have been gatherings which included playing card games. In fact, it is hard for us to imagine a holiday gathering without the friendly competition, lively conversation, and spontaneous laughter associated with playing card games with the people we love.

Good card games can help turn good times into great times! This is why we created our NEW Holy Heroes© Playing Cards: Rosary Edition!

What makes our Holy Heroes© Playing Cards unique?
We wanted to produce high-quality playing cards that are durable, attractive, familiar to use, and just plain “feel good” to hold. We also wanted our deck designs to subtly express a love for God while paying tribute to the Holy Family—Jesus, Mary and Joseph. We found our design inspiration in the Holy Rosary!

Four sets of Rosary Mysteries for four playing card suits!
We assigned Hearts to the Joyful Mysteries, Clubs to the Luminous Mysteries, Spades to the Sorrowful Mysteries, and Diamonds to the Glorious Mysteries. In this way, each suit gently reminds us of four sets of unique events in Our Lord’s life, which we meditate upon whenever we pray the Holy Rosary.

Our Face Cards represent a true Royal Court!
We wanted our face cards to represent real persons, so we assigned the Aces to the Holy Spirit, Kings to Christ the King, Queens to the Blessed Virgin Mary, and Jacks to Saint Joseph! Each face card is designed to be a new and unique interpretation of a member of the “Royal Court” according to a particular Rosary Mystery, virtue, or title being highlighted.

Holy Heroes© Playing Cards: Rosary Edition decks are available in sets of two—a blue back and a red back deck—or you can order individual packs of either the red back or blue back decks! (use the options selector next to the add to cart button to pick your desired product)


About the Symbolism of the Rosary Edition Face Card Designs

We designed our face cards to symbolize various events in the Life of Jesus and the roles and virtues of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph.

The Joyful Mysteries focus our attention on events in the Childhood of Jesus. The hearts face card designs emphasize His conception, His birth, and the hidden life and virtues of the Holy Family.
The Luminous Mysteries focus our attention on the public life and preaching of Jesus. Our clubs face card designs emphasize His institution of the Eucharist, and the virtues of adoration and evangelization.
The Sorrowful Mysteries focus our attention on the Passion and Death of Jesus. Our spades face card designs emphasize the redemptive suffering of Christ and the sharing of His Cross ans mission with others.
The Glorious Mysteries focus our attention on the Resurrection and Ascension of Jesus. Our diamonds face card designs emphasize His Ascension and Universal Kingship, the Crowning of Mary, and the virtues of justice, faithfulness, and obedience.

ACES—Marked with the symbol of the Holy Spirit, He is present throughout all the Mysteries of the Holy Rosary.

JOKERS—Traditionally included as “wild cards”, ours are designed to be the Holy Heroes© Answer Kid in disguise ... just for the fun of it!

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