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Very Young Catholics 4-Book Set

Very Young Catholics 4-Book Set

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New to the Very Young Catholics Project?

Sample this set and see why kids LOVE these books!  

This series presents a vivid picture of the universal Church through the eyes of children from all over the world!

Everyday events in the life a Catholic family, such as meals, sports, and family outings, are interwoven with Catholic culture, traditions, and doctrine.

These books can be used with kids ages 6-11 years old as:

  • read alouds, 
  • geography resources,
  • religion class supplements, 
  • or just a beautiful book for kids to page through! 

This mini-set includes:

  1. Very Young Catholics in Kenya
  2. Very Young Catholics in Ecuador- The Galapagos Island
  3. Very Young Catholics in India
  4. Very Young Catholics in Iceland



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Author Emily Koczela is a lifelong Catholic, mother of six, and grandmother of fourteen (so far). Her travels have taken her to Mass in more than a dozen countries. She wrote this series to delight and inspire children by introducing them to their brothers and sisters around the world.


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