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The Snail and the King

The Snail and the King

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Written and illustrated by Fr. Peregrine Fletcher, this story was crafted over 11 years of work. 

When the Son of the King invites everyone to the castle, a little snail sets out on his journey to the ship that will take him there. And with only three days until the ship sets sail, there isn't a moment to lose! The snail is not the only animal who undertakes this journey, all hopeful of succeeding in the difficult journey to meet the King.

In this parable, children will be captivated by the cheerful pictures while also being introduced to the deep supernatural message of the story. We are thrilled to bring this story under the umbrella of Holy Heroes books! 


"What a delightful story! Full of faith and hope, Fr. Peregrine Fletcher's bright and beautifully illustrated new book, The Snail and the King, will fill young (and old!) hearts with greater longing for heaven, and gratitude for our God who calls all of us—great and small—to His Kingdom."

--Katie Warner, bestselling children's book author

“In The Snail and the King, Fr. Peregrine Fletcher invites each of us to contemplate the beauty of a divine calling and to give God our "Yes" regardless of our insecurities and fears. Fr. Peregrine’s art and prose are a magnificent reminder that we never journey alone in offering our lives to God and living according to God's perfect will. For the young and the young at heart, a stirring contemplation of God's goodness and love!”

--Lisa Hendey, Catholic author and founder of

“There is nothing better or more important for a child to read about than the promise of Heaven and the love of their Heavenly Father. The Snail and the King is the perfect encapsulation of what it means to seek Heaven with all your heart and be welcomed by God! It is simple enough to be understood by children, but profound enough to bring you to tears. Heartwarming in the absolute best way, with the loveliest of illustrations to match, this book will be read in my home over and over.”

--Gracie Jagla, Catholic author

"The Snail and the King is such a truly charming tale about the fascinating beauty of the Blessed Trinity intertwined with our ultimate calling as children of God to fully surrender everything into His loving care. This story brings so much hope and anticipation of our Heavenly promise, in which seeking particular virtues like perseverance, humility, and courage can achieve!”

--Katie Luangkhot, Homeschooling mother and founder of Sweet Catholic Life

"The Snail and the King is a beautiful tale filled with lessons of humility, perseverance, and trust. Those who read this book will be drawn to not only the striking images but also to a story that reveals the Blessed Trinity's unfathomable love for each of us."

--Patrick O'Hearn, Catholic author


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Author and Illustrator: Fr. Peregrine Fletcher
48 pages

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