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The King of the Golden City: Special Edition for Boys

The King of the Golden City: Special Edition for Boys

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Special Edition for Boys!

In this brand new edition adapted especially for boys, readers will find the tale of Dilectus and his friends every bit as charming and instructive as before--and now boys as well as girls will find it easy to become the hero of the story and make it their own!

Though initially intended to help with a child's preparation for First Communion, we highly recommend reading this story once a year--even for adults!--especially during the seasons of Lent and Advent! After finding a set of parallel French translations of this book--one for boys, one for girls--both were released to bring this classic to a new generation of young Catholics!

You can find the version for Catholic girls HERE!


The King of the Golden City is an allegorical tale which has stood the test of time because of the beauty of its symbolism and the richness of its spiritual advice. Written for children yet beloved by all, the only complaint lodged against it has been that its main character is female, leaving many boys to feel that this tale is better suited for girls. Encouraged by the original French translators of this book, who created parallel editions for boys and girls, we have now remedied this single fault!

Check out a brief version of this book originally appeared in Mother Loyola's first work,  The Children's Charter, her book of advice for parents and teachers published in 1911.

BONUS: Use our Discussion Guide to help this book create fruitful family conversations!

Author: Mother Mary Loyola
Pages: 118
Paperback 5-1/2 x 8-1/2

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