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The Godless Delusion: A Catholic Challenge to Modern Atheism

The Godless Delusion: A Catholic Challenge to Modern Atheism

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By Patrick Madrid and Kenneth Hensley

In this hard-hitting new book, apologetics experts Patrick Madrid and Kenneth Hensley help Christians to wake up to the crisis of godlessness, alerting them to the imperative need to take seriously atheism’s challenge, while learning how to effectively engage in today’s atheistic debate. Unlike other books which respond to atheist challenges to prove the existence of God, The Godless Delusion takes a different approach by turning the harsh light of reason on atheism and subjecting it to a rigorous logical, philosophical critique. Madrid and Hensley systematically critique the central claims of atheism, especially its foundational premise of naturalism (i.e., that only material things exist) and its related claim that immaterial things, such as God, angels, and human souls, cannot exist. This book was written for a general audience to enable the average Catholic with no formal training in philosophy to use philosophical tools to demonstrate that atheism cannot stand up to logical scrutiny.

Look what others are saying about The Godless Delusion:

“The New Atheists came on the contemporary scene with an unprecedented mixture of confidence and scorn. And, sadly, most of the books written in response have conveyed an impression of ad hoc defensiveness. But not this one. The Godless Delusion by Patrick Madrid and Kenneth Hensley wages a full-scale frontal assault on the tallest turret of the New Atheists’ stronghold — the claim to moral and rational superiority. With remorseless logic, wit, skill, and boundless, joyful enthusiasm it lays waste that stronghold, routs the enemy, occupies the high ground for Christ their king, and dares anyone to retake it. Books on philosophical apologetics don’t get more exhilarating than this.”
 Ronald K. Tacelli, S.J., professor of philosophy, Boston College, co-author of Handbook of Christian Apologetics

The Godless Delusion takes on the new atheism of our times and pulls the rug right out from underneath it. I wholeheartedly recommend this work of apologetics for anyone who is serious about defending our faith in the existence of God.”
 Most Rev. Michael J. Sheridan, S.T.D., Bishop of Colorado Springs, Colorado

The Godless Delusion is a clear and compelling critique of naturalism and the new atheism that rests upon it. Madrid and Hensley show that the secularist’s pose of moral and rational superiority is undermined by his own fundamental philosophical assumptions.”
 Edward Feser, Ph.D., associate professor of philosophy, Pasadena City College, author of The Last Superstition: A Refutation of the New Atheism

“Patrick Madrid and Kenneth Hensley look at the contradictions of the atheists with themselves, showing that above all, their arguments against God are at embarrassing odds with their own everyday experience and actions, their own deepest assumptions, and their own moral compass.”
 Benjamin Wiker, Ph.D., author of Ten Books that Screwed Up the World and Answering the New Atheism

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256 pages, soft cover

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