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Radio Apologetics 3 MP3

Radio Apologetics 3 MP3

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Featuring Patrick Madrid

In this adrenalin-filled radio debate, Patrick Madrid squares off against Bart Brewer, an ex-Catholic priest, turned Baptist minister. Brewer aims to bring Catholics out of “Romanism” into “biblical Christianity.” Patrick had to contend with arguments from the show’s two Protestant hosts (who were not at all sympathetic to the Catholic Church), as well as the invective from the ex-priest, Bart Brewer, not to mention the many Protestant listeners who called in to take a whack at Catholicism and ask their toughest questions about Catholic teaching. One of the hosts even tried to ambush Patrick by playing a lengthy surprise audio clip by another Protestant polemicist, the late Walter Martin (founder of Christian Research Institute and “The Bible Answer Man” radio show), in which he  attacks Catholic teaching on the Blessed Virgin Mary. In these two fast-paced hours of radio discussion, Patrick must answer rapid-fire Bible challenges from Bart Brewer, the two hosts, all the callers, and even Walter Martin!

This exchange is a must for Catholics who want to learn how to biblically explain and defend their beliefs under pressure.


Special Notes:
This is a digital download; the equivalent of two 60-minute audio CDs

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