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Prayer Prompt Cards

Prayer Prompt Cards

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Wondering how to guide your children through prayer?

A well-loved part of our Spiritual Journal, we now offer our “Prayer Prompt” cards separately to help you at the start and end of your days to focus on what God is revealing to you each day--corresponding to the different liturgical seasons!

What they are

Based on the Daily Examen of Saint Ignatius, each card is a guided preparation of your day and review at its end with specific prompts for Lent, Easter, Advent/Chrstmas, and Ordinary Time.

How to use them

Simply select the “Prayer Prompt” card that matches the current season and select from the prompts the ones that best speak to you during the day. Whether you like to pray at the beginning of the day or end of the day, or both, these “prompt cards” will help.

One side is for morning to open your heart and mind to God's daily plans for you, the other for your evening examen to contemplate what He offered and how you responded.

Who can use them

These are perfect for encouraging children to pray, as it guides them through both morning and evening prayer! Suitable for pre-teens and up. 

Includes 4 "Prayer Prompt Cards" for Ordinary Time, Advent/Christmas, Lent, and Easter. 4" by 8".
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