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Prayer Pillowcase - St. Gabriel the Archangel

Prayer Pillowcase - St. Gabriel the Archangel

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St. Gregory the Great taught us that those angels who proclaim messages of supreme importance are called "archangels." And it was St. Gabriel the Archangel who delivered the greatest, most important and most joyful message of all time!

The St. Gabriel the Archangel Prayer Pillowcase features St. Gabriel, "the hero" and "strength of God" in all his goodness and might as God's messenger and warrior. This pillowcase portrait includes St. Gabriel's saintly symbols: lilies for holiness; a horn, for tradition says St. Gabriel the Archangel will use a horn to announce Jesus' return on the Last Judgement; a messenger's banner bearing the words "Ego sum Gabriel. No timeas." This recalls how St. Gabriel introduced himself to the Blessed Virgin Mary at the Annunciation: "I am Gabriel whose place is before God. Fear not."

The companion prayer reminds us look to St. Gabriel, powerful messenger of God, who is here to assist us in our journey towards heaven.

  • Image: St. Gabriel
  • Feast Day: September 29th
  • Patron of: Messengers, Communication Workers, Postal Workers, Diplomats, Clerics

Pillowcase Material: Poly/Cotton Blend

20" x 31" to fit Standard and Queen-sized pillows.

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