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Prayer Pillowcase - Saint Jude

Prayer Pillowcase - Saint Jude

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In today's increasingly rapid-fire, tech-driven society it sometimes seems the only thing keeping up is our stress level. For young people especially, the pressures of social media all to often outweigh the pleasures, leaving them vulnerable to stifling self-doubt or isolation. Never fear... St. Jude is here! With its friendly portrait and warm prayer the Saint Jude Prayer Pillowcase provides a gentle reminder to pray for St. Jude's intercession in times of need.

Seemingly impossible situations can leave even the strongest of us vulnerable to feelings of loneliness, inadequacy and even despair. Knowing the Patron Saint of lost and difficult causes is ready and willing to go to bat for us can give us is pretty reassuring, right? But we need to ask for his help! This calming prayer and beautiful illustration are an anchor of hope, encouraging Catholics of all ages to not only pray for themselves in times of need, but to also pray for others who feel helpless or lonely and do not know him. Every Catholic family should have one of these in the linen closet ready to pull out on a moment's notice! Who will you bless with this Holy Saint's reminder that God loves them?

  • Image: Saint Jude

Pillowcase Material: Poly/Cotton Blend

20" x 31" to fit Standard and Queen-sized pillows.

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