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Participating at Holy Mass Coloring Book

Participating at Holy Mass Coloring Book

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This unique coloring book takes you step-by-step through:

  • What to do when you enter the church
  • What to look for in the church
  • What to watch for (and why) during Holy Mass
  • What your response is to everything you see and hear during Mass--the words, the gestures, the postures!

Whether used at home, in a classroom, or during catechism classes, this coloring book is a valuable tool for fostering a deeper understanding and participation in the liturgy. You can even bring this along to Sunday Mass and keep kids focused (and engaged) during the entire Mass!

Each page of the coloring book serves as a powerful tool for explaining the various parts of the Mass to children. One reviewer shared, "Individual pages can be used to explain the parts of the Mass as children are preparing to more fully participate." This feature allows parents, educators, and catechists to engage children in a meaningful way, guiding them through the different elements of the Mass and fostering their active participation.

Don't miss the opportunity to share the beauty of the Mass with the young ones in your life. Order the Holy Heroes Participating at Holy Mass Coloring Book today and watch as children's curiosity and understanding of the Holy Mass grow through coloring and exploration. It's a wonderful resource that will help them embrace their role as active participants in the liturgy and deepen their love for the Eucharist.



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40 pages
8 inches x 10-1/2 inches


Printed in the U.S.A.

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