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Official Catholic Scripture Study Bible

Official Catholic Scripture Study Bible

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This is a beautiful, useful and unique Catholic Bible. Perfect for teenagers and to have handy when you get questions from non-Catholics or those young Catholics in your home when the "Holy Heroes Answer Kid" isn't around!

In fact, we give a copy to each of our children and godchildren for Confirmation or when they leave for college -- it shows them how to defend the Faith and to understand the "why" of our dogmas and doctrines (and how to prove them step-by-step from the Bible).

The Catholic Scripture Study Bible provides an individual with an inspiring and in-depth Bible study that is completely faithful to the Magisterial teachings of the Catholic Church. This Bible seamlessly integrates Sacred Scripture with extensive study materials and reference guides and will provide new insight and a deeper understanding of the Biblical foundations of the Catholic Faith.

* 76 full color inserts
* Biblical Apologetics 'cheat sheet' by Jim Burnham of San Juan Seminars (pages and pages identifying Scripture citations with Catholic dogmas and doctrines
* Topical index with over 130 Topics and 1100 Biblical References
* Faith Facts by Catholics United for the Faith
* Complete list of Biblical Abbreviations
* Biographical information on St Jerome, and more!

It is beautifully made with gold edges and multiple ribbon markers. A perfect and impressive gift for anyone.
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