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"My Battle Name is Jose Luis!" Glory Stories Vol 9 --Discount 3-pack

"My Battle Name is Jose Luis!" Glory Stories Vol 9 --Discount 3-pack

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Includes **English & Spanish** versions on the same CD!

Got boys? Then get this! (Great Altar Boy gift!)

Saint Jose Sanchez del Rio has a special place in our hearts
due to his intercession for Holy Heroes.
He is forever associated with the
Solemnity of Christ the King.

Favorite Glory Story of the Holy Heroes Mom!

My Battle Name is Jose Luis!
The dramatic true-life story of a 14-year-old boy facing persecution and injustice!

Meticulously based on the eye-witness testimonies in the documents for his beatification, this is a story that your children will draw inspiration from for the rest of their lives.

Your children will learn:
  • How to pray the 4th Joyful Mystery in a way you have never considered before
  • What a 'godfather' is really meant to be and do for his godchild--and vice-versa
  • The story of the courageous brothers in the Maccabees--and the courage of their mother, too--when faced with official government persecution of freedom of religion
  • How we should act inside any church
  • What should motivate every action we take in every moment of our lives--and the effect that can have on others around us
What's a "battle name," you may ask?  You'll learn in this story!

And...what happened to the man who made Saint Jose a martyr for our Faith? You'll be surprised to learn the remarkable answer!

Both English and Spanish on the same CD
         --our only Glory Story available in Spanish, too!

My Battle Name is Jose Luis! - The Story of Saint Jose Sanchez del Rio: Exciting and inspiring story of a 14-year old boy who was beatified Nov 20, 2005, and canonized Oct 16, 2016--with a Feast Day of February 10!

 If you want to raise strong Catholic boys--you need to have this CD!

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