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Jellybean: A Baby's Journey to God

Jellybean: A Baby's Journey to God

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For families experiencing infant loss, this picture book shows the important role these babies still have in their families. 

Little Jellybean, so nicknamed by her family, experiences an exciting world of sound and sensations inside her mother's womb, encountering the voices and personalities of her loving family. Just when she has nearly outgrown her mother's belly, a surprising visitor guides her to a new home. 

There, Jellybean is given a mission to help her family find meaning in their loss. 

If you are struggling to explain to your older children why their sibling is gone, this picture book is a gentle way to help them through grief.

"I read this book and broke down in tears. I had an early miscarriage, and this was such a beautiful way to envision that loss," said Kelly, a mother of a miscarried baby. After reading this book, another mother said, "After I stopped crying, I thought of friends and relatives who would do well with this book. Jellybean will speak to those who have miscarried at any stage and those who have lost full-term babies, infants, and even young children. We need help explaining and remembering God’s hand in the matter.”

Jellybean includes a dedication page where you can include the name of your lost infant and a prayer from the Liturgy for the Funeral of a Child Who Died before Baptism. 

Find more infant loss resources here.



“Jellybean is such a beautiful love story between a family and the innocent child growing within her mother's womb. This little book is a gift to any family who has known Little Love and has had to say goodbye too soon.”

--Kelly Breaux, founder of Red Bird Ministry (supporting parents after infant loss)

"Thank you so much for this resource - how beautiful! I have added it to our site's book list for children."

--Sara Rogers, founder of Catholic Miscarriage Support

“Heartrending in its honesty and depiction of earthly and spiritual realities – with all the joy, grief, and ultimately hope that families feel in welcoming and then relinquishing their precious baby from the mother’s womb to the arms of the Father. We’ve shared these losses with our children, and this is a valuable tool for many, many grieving families.”

--Carolyn Astfalk, Catholic Writers Guild Vice President, author, and infant loss mother

“A lovely story about a little baby in her mother’s womb who is so eager to see life but discovers that God has something different in His plan. Highly recommended, especially for families with children who are grieving.”

-- Regina Doman, author of Angel in the Waters

"Jellybean is a masterpiece that delicately navigates the difficult subject of stillbirth and miscarriage. Children will appreciate the comforting perspective on the journey of unborn babies as they are tenderly led into the embrace of Heaven. This beautifully illustrated book serves as a source of solace and a beacon of hope for families impacted by loss. Such a unique and very much needed picture book, from which both adults and children will learn the sanctity of life and the boundless mercy of God's love for unborn babies."

-- Sarah-Jean Ballard, founder of Raising Wild Saints and mother of six, plus two babies in Heaven

“There's something beautiful about how personal this is; the story comes from the mind and heart of someone whose experience has formed deep reflection and insight on a subject that most people find very difficult to speak about in such consoling, yet also realistic terms.”

--Fr. Peregrine Fletcher, a Norbertine at St. Michael’s Abbey and author/illustrator

“The beauty of Jellybean is that it uses simple rhyme to convey such a profound message. Theoni and Bastian have truly transformed their own painful experience into something that is sure to help ease the ache of others going through this type of loss.”

--Eileen Tully, grief retreat leader and mother of twin daughters lost at birth

"Jellybean is a book that I wish did not have to exist but am so glad that it does. The story of little Jellybean is shared with great dignity and love. Written in verse and whimsically illustrated, the warmth of the story will make it a charming read-aloud for families, helping parents and caregivers form words to discuss this painful topic with their children. I would be grateful to have this book in my arsenal as a resource to gift or recommend, offering a small measure of support as a family grieves the loss of their precious baby."

--Katherine Bogner, teacher, DRE, and author

“Losing a child and sibling in the womb is one of the greatest sorrows in life. Jellybean is a powerful story of hope amidst the darkness of child loss, a story that will allow parents and siblings to find healing by seeing death through the eyes of Heaven.”

--Patrick O'Hearn, author of The Grief of Dads and Nursery of Heaven: Miscarriage, Stillbirth, and Infant Loss in the Lives of the Saints and Today's Parents

“Though heart-rendering and deeply moving, Theoni's lyrical journey through the devastation of losing a baby is surprisingly hopeful, showing the grace and comfort poured out by the Blessed Mother on grieving families. As a mother of two children lost in miscarriage, this subject is near and dear to my heart. The littlest saints in heaven are very real – and as shown in these beautiful words and illustrations, they are never far away.”

--Mary Harrell, producer and host at Mater Dei Radio

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Author: Theoni and Bastian Bell
Illustrations: Bernadette Gockowski
40 pages with full-color illustrations throughout
Softcover, 7 inches x 9 inches 

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