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Inspiration! Game

Inspiration! Game

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We worked with our newfound friends (game developers in Poland!) to overcome the mistaken idea that there's a conflict between Faith and Science--through a game!

Great Catholic lesson #1: Players work together as a team (this is another great collaboration game for all ages!) and learn not only that many-many-many great scientists were Catholics of deep faith, but that a surprising number of modern discoveries and theories came from devout Catholics (many of them priests and religious!). 

“Creation reveals the glory of God"--and science is a tool to help us discover the “mind of God”!

Another great Catholic lesson: through the game (in a truly creative way!) players learn that Angels enlighten our minds to make discoveries, as they also inspire courage to overcome obstacles and fears which stand in our way.

Inspiration! is 3-games-in-1 for ages 6 through teens, for 1 - 8 players:

— Dream Weavers (Ages 6+) is strategic puzzle game that challenges players to build colored pathways according to the selected mission.

— Genuine Inspiration (Ages 11+) challenges players to score points as they explore how Catholic principles have impacted our understanding of Astronomy, Geology, Meteorology, Medicine, Modern Physics.

— Dread Wars (Ages 12+) combines Dream Weavers and Genuine Inspiration gameplays while adding a battle component where Guardian Angels are fighting off nightmares that will wake your dreamer and end your mission.

Subjects Include: Optics, Astronomy, Medicine, Modern Physics, The Scientific Method, Higher Education, and Mathematics.

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