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Holy Heroes Matching Game

Holy Heroes Matching Game

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Play the new Holy Heroes Matching Game with all your favorite Holy Heroes Saints -- including the newest Glory Stories saint.

The game's beautiful artwork featuring the saints has captivated young players and enhanced their recognition of the saints in other contexts. One customer shared, "My young kids started to easily recognize the saints in other places after playing this game many times." This endorsement highlights the game's ability to foster familiarity with the saints, creating a lasting impact on children's faith formation.

Through playing the Matching Game, children unconsciously learn about the saints, too, making it both educational and enjoyable. Customers have praised the game's ability to entertain while fostering knowledge of the saints. One customer shared, "Lots of fun to play while inadvertently learning about the saints." This endorsement showcases the game's seamless integration of fun and education. 

Portability is another key feature of the Holy Heroes Matching Game. Customers have praised its compact size, making it easy to carry to friends' or family members' homes or keep on hand for impromptu game sessions. One customer shared their experience, stating, "This is a great size to carry with you to friends or family homes or keep easily with your house games."

Use all the cards at once for a tougher game or just use a few to make it easier for the littlest in your family. The cards are a perfect size for small hands!


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Includes 30 pairs of cards (60 total cards) 
Produced in the U.S.A.

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