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Face of God Print

Face of God Print

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 Put the Miraculous Image of the Face of God in your Home

The Catholic Church has preserved a rich heritage of sacred art, each work a reflection of the artist’s personal contemplation of God, displayed to deepen the meditation of millions of viewers over the centuries.

As beautiful as those depictions are, this art is quite different:
The images represented are, without a doubt, not the works of human hands.

This Face of Jesus is generated from professionally captured high-resolution, actual-sized photographs of two scientifically inexplicable relics of His Death and Resurrection which were left on earth by Christ Himself.

Two images which the Church has reverently preserved for two thousand years.

These images--the face of a Man--are precisely congruent. Every wound, every facial feature, exactly coincides, proving they are of the same Man.

We have created this unique composite image of the faces miraculously visible on the Shroud of Turin and the Veil of Manoppello

Learn more about these two images and our unique composite image HERE

This image is the TRUE Face of God from Catholic relics exhibiting images for which there is no scientific explanation: Our Lord’s Face in death as preserved on the Shroud of Turin and the image visible on the Veil of Manoppello, which is the face cloth placed by Our Lady on her Son's face before the Shroud was wrapped around Him. Do you recall that Saint John in his Gospel specifies this "napkin" was "rolled up in a place by itself" separated from the Shroud (John 20:7)?

An insightful observation was made in 1979 by a German Trappist nun: both images match perfectly from the anatomical structure of the faces to the wounds visible on both proving that they are the face of the same person, one dead, but the other alive!

Contemplate and ponder with your own eyes this Face of God Who went willingly to His death--then arose, opened His eyes, took a first resurrected breath, and is now looking with love at you!

Overlaid together, we have a print that shows today how Jesus Christ appeared while on earth--a beautiful Face which inspires contemplation in children as well as adults.

If you would like to learn more about the two images used to create this image, continue reading here

Product Details

Fits a standard 11” x 14” frame.

High-resolution photographs by awarding-winning Polish photographer Janusz Rosikon.

Printed on heavy 100# Coated stock suitable for framing.

Designed and Printed in North Carolina and South Carolina.

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