Epiphany Home Blessing Kit

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Did you know there's a beautiful Catholic practice of having a home blessing on the Feast of The Epiphany of the Lord? This Feast is celebrated the first week of January every year.

Blessing your home on Epiphany (or any other time during the year!) is a wonderful way to inspire your children.

The Catholic Church offers a profound blessing liturgy to be celebrated by the head of the household with those who live together all gathered in prayer asking for the intercession of the 3 Magi who left their homes to search for the newborn Savior of the World!

Then all year long every time you pass through the doors of your home you'll call to mind that you are under the protection of God in His Angels and in His Saints as His adopted children!

We make it easy for you this year:
We'll send you everything you need in the Holy Heroes Epiphany Home Blessing Kit!

The complete kit contains:

  • Complete step-by-step instructions for the head of household to celebrate the Catholic Home Blessing (the prayers and actions to accompany the blessing)
  • Holy Water Bottle (Holy water NOT included--they don't like liquids in the US mail! Fill it at your parish.)
  • Chalk
  • Holy Heroes Mysterious Magi Map to help your family learn more about the Three Magi

Take the stress out of this year's Epiphany Home Blessing with this Kit and start your year with a blessed home.