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Beginning Apologetics 1

Beginning Apologetics 1

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How to Explain & Defend the Catholic Faith

Can you answer these questions?

  • Why do you Catholics call your priests "father" when Mt 23:9 clearly says "call no man father"
  • Why do you Catholics worship the Eucharist? Isn't it just a symbolic piece of bread?
  • How can you believe in God when there is so much suffering in the world?
  • Why are Catholics opposed to abortion?
  • Why is Mary such a big deal to Catholics?
  • Aren't there errors and contradictions in the Bible?
  • Do Catholics believe in the "Rapture"?

Most Catholics can't. But you don't have to be tongue-tied the next time your non-Catholic friend asks tough questions like these. Learn how to explain your faith clearly, defend it charitably, and share it confidently.

  • Practical Points on Bible Reading
  • The Eucharist
    Appendix 1: The Early Church Fathers' View of the Eucharist
  • The Canon of the Bible
  • The Bible Alone?
  • Apostolic Authority: Peter and the Papacy
  • Marian Doctrines
    Appendix 2: The Protestant Reformer's View of Mary
  • Questions Asked about Mary
  • Confession
  • Scandals in the Church
  • Prayer to the Saints
  • Purgatory
  • Miscellaneous Questions:
    1."Call no man father"?
    2.Statue Worship?
    3.Constantine and Paganism?
    4.Mass a Sacrifice?
    5.Baptism: Merely Symbolic?
    6.Why Infant Baptism?
    7.Saved by Faith Alone?
    8.Insufficiency of Redemption?
    9.Assurance of Salvation?
    10.Tradition Condemned?
    11.Changing Doctrines?
    12.Why are Priests Celibate?
    13.Does Denomination Matter?
    14.Which Church Did Jesus Found?

Authors: Father Frank Chacon & Jim Burnham
Format: 8.5x11" softcover
47 pages
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